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When Creature met Creature by John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura
  • March 2022
  • 978-1-912650-50-7
  • 260 x 230mm
  • 32pp £12.99
  • Age 4+
  • World ex US and Canada
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When Creature met Creature

John Agard Click here for biography John Reads When Creature Met CreatureJohn Reads When Creature Met Creature

Satoshi Kitamura Click here for biography

Creature-of-No-Words doesn't know what to call being happy, or sad, or angry, or lonely he just feels them. But then, one day, he meets Creature-of-Words, who very soon helps him to fill in all the gaps . . .

This powerful picture book about communicating emotions and relating to fellow creatures has fabulous and touching illustrations from the internationally acclaimed artist Satoshi Kitamura.

Written in verse and full of metaphor and rhythm, this is a wonderful story to read aloud and explore the joy of language.


Praise for this book:

'A wonderful book to read with children - of all ages - and will prompt appreciation of the power of language and the importance of being able to share how we feel with others.' 5/5 stars, Books For Keeps

'I'm not being flippant. This is a book which invites quite young children to consider the importance of language, and how difficult, or even impossible, life would be if it were denied to us.' School Reading List

'This profound and rather beautiful book could be interpreted in many ways and it encourages the young reader to reflect upon what they have read. Kitamura’s distinctive illustrations are stunning and work in perfect partnership with the text.' A Library Lady

'Both humorous and poignant, this look at the importance and power of communication, is a thought-provoking, memorable ‘just-so’ kind of story. In addition to being a book that will resonate with listeners and readers, it’s a wonderful starting point for classroom explorations of ways of relating to, and expressing our feelings to our fellow creatures.' Red Reading Hub


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