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The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear
  • Publication: June 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-915252-03-6
  • Size: 275 x 240 mm
  • Extent: 32pp
  • HB £12.99
  • Age: 3+
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The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear

Jeanne WillisClick here for biography

Brian FitzgeraldClick here for biography

Jeanne introduces her bookJeanne introduces her book
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Albie arrived wearing NOTHING but fur,
he could have been either a Him or Her…
Most teddy bears let their owner decide,
but Albie would not, for a bear has its pride.

But each outfit that Albie purchases - from fairy to pirate, from cowboy to elegant city gent - proves unsuitable in some way, and by the end of the week his bedroom is heaped with discarded clothes. How will he dress in order to feel like himself?

This hilarious story in verse is about the joys of dressing up, and one bear's search for his own identity. A delight to read aloud, accompanied by riotous illustrations, and with a nod to sustainability and the pleasure to be got by sharing.


Praise for this book:

'A picturebook with a funny and appealing title and an utterly charming story ... With a clever surprise ending this is a wonderful, vibrant, and silly story with an important message about having the confidence to be ourselves, always.' ARMADILLO

'Of course, The Bear who had Nothing to Wear is about identity, but in a far broader way than choosing what to wear. Brian Fitzgerald's illustrations, in conjunction with the rhyming text, cover many aspects of self-esteem, such as, social status, gender and assuming future roles. The final pages also acknowledge and make clear that not all children sharing this book will be living as comfortably as Albie does. Perfect for early years and KS1.' Just Imagine

'This laugh-out-loud rhyming story blends funny, powerful and highly engaging themes of empowerment, roles and sharing with hilariously bold illustrations. At school it's a great choice to share with EYFS classes. At home, it may well be your next smash-hit bedtime read!' SCHOOL READING LIST

'A joyously unique read about finding your own identity. A delightful story which follows Albie on his own journey to express himself and choose for himself.' BOOK AND GIFT BLOGGER

'We have loved reading this fun story and Gigi has requested it every night since it arrived. Told in rhyme and with brilliant illustrations, Albie has charmed his way into our hearts. It's a wonderful story about being true to yourself and being happiest just as you are, but it's a wonderful laugh-out-loud bedtime story too.' MILO AND GIGI'S BOOKSHELF

'This is a lovely book with a great message about finding your own identity and choosing for yourself how you present to the world. Young readers will particularly enjoy Albie's various different outfits and moods. Jeanne Willis' charming rhyme makes this a wonderful book to share and read aloud, whilst Brian Fitzgerald's colourful illustrations perfectly capture Albie's changeable personality.' LOVE READING

'A wonderful book to share and read aloud, whilst Brian Fitzgerald's colourful illustrations capture Albie's changeable personality perfectly … In school or nursery, this would be a fantastic way to start conversations about identity and how we view others. Does what you wear change who you are?' READING ZONE, 4/5 stars

'When it comes to a rhyming text, there are very few picture book writers who do it as well as Jeanne Willis and she's on top form in this tale of Albie the bear … It's a treat to read aloud, and illustrator Brian Fitzgerald has great fun depicting Albie's different outfits and changing moods. Tucked in amongst the fun, there are gentle messages about identity and choice too. This is bound to be a huge favourite with children.' BOOKS FOR KEEPS, 5/5 stars

'Jeanne Willis's text is huge fun to read aloud and Brian Fitzgerald's entertaining scenes of Albie's ever changing gear and his various fashion fiascos in his search for his true self are sure to appeal to young listeners. I suspect this will become a story time favourite.' RED READING HUB

'A gentle rhyming structure makes Willis's book a pleasure to read aloud, and children who love playing dress up, or who struggle with getting dressed, will find a particular pleasure in the silly scenarios that Albie finds himself in. Needless to say, the story also provides lots of inspiration for playing opportunities with one's own teddy bears, as well as a good model for children who find getting dressed difficult.'IRISH TIMES


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